14 Ways to Achieving Happiness

Since the beginning of time, philosophers, scholars, religious thinkers, artist and the likes has examined what constitute happiness and if it is fully attainable? Can we truly achieve and live in a state of happiness in a world that facilitates discontentment and capitalises on our unhappiness? The ever-increasing market in lifestyle, fashion, cosmetics and cosmetic surgeries sends strong messages that we’re not good enough as we are, and that real beauty is a “credit card tap away”. Today, social media is heavily used as a platform in promoting a world of “the more the better”, moving us further away from learning who we truly are and our purpose here on Earth.
So, what actions should we focus on to achieve a state of real happiness? In his study in positive psychology, Dr. Martin Seligman proposed optimism, gratitude, social connections, acts of kindness and compassion are a significant source of happiness. His research suggest happiness consists of a number of things we can do which doesn’t necessarily require us to spend money, rather specific intentions and behaviours that serves those around us thus, giving our life a sense meaning… that’s where true happiness lies.
14 ways to achieving happiness focuses on ideas I hope will help you assess, reassess or add to your definition of happiness. They are simple to follow and can be implemented immediately into your daily life.

1. Spending more time with people who loves you and who you love is important for your soul connection.
2.  Make yourself available to those close to you in times of need and make sure you let them know your intentions.
3.  Practice gratitude – A great way of letting go of unhappy experiences is to be thankful for the lessons learnt.
4. Forgive lots… don’t carry the heaviness of the past into your future. Remember our journey here on Earth is brief so don’t carry unwanted pain in your heart along the way…. move on!  
5. Re-establish connections with old friends and family members you’ve lost contact with.
6. Do something good for someone. Bring a gift to a friend, family member or someone you know experiencing hardships.
7. Be curious and at awe with the world around you and learn as much as you can.
8. Develop an attitude that promotes positive emotion by being optimistic. If you have a pessimistic take on life the chances of you achieving happiness is very slim.
9. Look for the natural beauty in your environment (i.e. flowers, trees, walking along the beach). These usually cost nothing, but the impact is uplifting on your spirit.
10. Be generous when sharing your time with those important to you.
11. Be kind to yourself and know mistakes are an integral part of our personal development.
12. Laugh lots… it’s the best medicine ever.
13. Don’t withhold love…if you don’t give love, chances are you’re not going to get love in return.
14. Lastly…. come into people’s lives with the intention to give rather than take. When you do this you instantly enhance your relationships with everyone around you and meet in your journey.


A. McCabe