About us

Happinesswatchersbox.com is a subscription based gift box company located in Clontarf Queensland Australia. The company was created with the intention to promote the power and healing effects of positive words on our overall well-being and as a visual reminder of our inner strength.

“Our mission is to uplift people’s hearts one positive word at a time” grounded by values that promotes and facilitates love, meaningful life, self-care, kindness, compassion, gratitude, optimism and deep human connections that withstands the test of time. Our exclusive range of products provides inspirations and evoke positive emotions.

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My Story


I’m Anamay McCabe, CEO and Director of Happinesswatchersbox.com.

Living with PTSD, depression and anxiety in my late teens and in my twenties left me feeling isolated and emotionally paralysed. At the time, I was surrounded by people unable to give me the emotional support I desperately needed. My doctor prescribed anti-depression meds to relieve my psychological and emotional pain, but the side effects exacerbated my anxiety and depression. I decided to seek professional help which provided great psychological tools however, I didn’t always have $180 to spend on 1hr of counselling.

Realising my environment was not a source of positive support, I knew I needed to surround myself with positive words ASAP! Using stick-it notes, I started copying down inspirational quotes and positive affirmations written by influential people and from books I’ve read and stuck them on the wall next to my mirror where I can see them first thing in the morning. These inspirational words were instrumental in keeping me focused on positive things every day. They were my source of emotional comfort and reading them elevated my emotions when I was down in the dumps. 

What I’ve learned through personal experiences and studies in psychology is that life is never lived in the absence of emotional pain and challenges. It is not humanly possible to go through life without loses and sadness…these are part of our humanly existence and growth, thus, is, inevitable. With that said, research shows positive words correlates with happier people, and, happier people tend to have better health, relationships, are more optimistic and live longer than pessimistic people. Positive words and positive affirmations produce positive emotions and have the power to uplift people’s lives and spirit, thus, increasing our overall sense of well-being.

Drawing on positive words, inspirational quotes and positive affirmations in my darkest hours comforted and gave me strength. The words were so powerful they spoke to me, even rooting for me, and reassuring me everything will be ok.

Today I still experience bouts of anxiety from time to time, but, I’ve filled my home and office with positive words that uplifts my spirit, draws on my inner strength and reminds me to be grateful and  focus on things that creates meaning in my life. These are my real of  happiness and so happinesswatchersbox.com was born. 

The Gift Box

The gift box is curated and each month you will receive 4 hand-selected surprises that changes monthly. You can expect gift items with inspirational messages, positive words and/or affirmations that soothes, comfort, support, encourage and believe.

They can be hung on your walls, placed on tables, benches, desks or wall units in your office, living or dining room, bedrooms, bathrooms or anywhere where you can see it every day even in your car.

Examples of items you receive may include comfort items, home art pieces, wall plaques, journal books and stationaries, photo frames, luxurious bath products, natural handmade soap and candles with our range constantly expanding.

A perfect gift for all occasion to show how much you love and are loved.

Purchase our 3, 6 or 12 month subscription to receive discounts.      

“As the receiver of Happiness Watchers Gift box, please know you are loved, thought of, and surrounded by words that gives strength, comfort, courage and hope. Know your happiness is our happiness, and there’s nothing we want more than to see you flourish”.

“As the giver of Happiness Watchers gift box, you are practising the act of kindness, compassion, sending messages that signifies love, support, encouragements and making human connections that withstands the test of time”.

Anamay Mccabe

Gift box purchase options

You may purchase our gift box in three ways:


A “One Time Purchase” is a single purchase of one gift box.

Pay once subscription

A “Pay Once Subscription” for you or a person designated by you to receive a gift box a month for 3, 6 or 12 months. At the time of purchase, you pay up front for the all the gift boxes that will be delivered during the specified duration of the subscription.

Discounts apply based on the duration of your subscription: 3 month subscriptions receive a discount of 10%; 6 months is 15%; and 12 months is 20%.

Pay monthly subscription

A “Pay Monthly Subscription” is a month to month subscription for you or a person designated by you to receive a specified number of gift boxes per month until you cancel the subscription.

You will be charged an “Initial Payment,” which is the amount displayed at the time of checkout for the first order of gift box in the Pay Monthly Subscription (“Subscription Cost”). Thereafter, your Credit Card will be charged the subscription cost every month until you cancel the pay monthly subscription. The Renewal Payment will be charged to your Credit Card the same day of the month as the initial payment was made for every month during the Pay Monthly Subscription. If the Initial Payment is charged on 31 January, for example, the next payment would be charged on 28 February.